“The server reports that it is from digest” – NAV OData Web Services

Recently I tried to configure Dynamics NAV 2015 OData web services. After the initial configuration i was unable to authenticate with the OData URL – The Credentials prompt just kept popping up time after time. The message i received was:

The server is asking for your username and password
The server reports that it is from digest


It seems that the reason for this issue (Although not documented in NAV requirements) is because I was working on a WORKGROUP server that was not a part of an Active Directory domain, and although Dynamics NAV is supported in a WORKGROUP environment – It seems that OData web services need an Active Directory environment – as they rely on Digest authentication.

In my case – adding the server to a domain or promoting it to a DC – solved the issue!

As i said – i did not find any detailed specifications for this in the Dynamics NAV requirements or technet – I relied on other sources regarding Digest authentication and it solved my issue – If you are having the exact same problem – this might be the solution.

Special thanks to Assaf from https://wirefighter.com/ who pointed me in that direction 🙂


7 thoughts on ““The server reports that it is from digest” – NAV OData Web Services

  1. Manuel Madera

    Hi Michael. You’ve a video for configure Dynamic CRM 2015 form external places. I’d one installed in my server but I want to configure to use outside. Can you help me please?

  2. Nacho Galajares

    Good Morning,
    After investigating this issue, the problem is to select the authentication “UserName”, changing it to “Windows” everything works perfectly.
    It’s counterintuitive, I know.
    “UserName” requires Active Directory
    “Windows’ Active Directory or local users

    Nacho Galajares

    1. tzooki Post author

      Hi Nacho

      This may be so – But in my case i’m using RTC over WAN hosted on an Azure server with the communication encrypted with SSL – In this scenario i cannot use “Windows” authentication – As my users are signing in to the application from a different domain 🙂

      1. Nacho Galajares

        This is exactly my scenario.
        Azure Virtual Machine in workgroup is working with local users.
        The connection has a certificate and is accessed from the computers, also in workgroup in various offices.
        Desktop client, Outlook synchronization, Apps and Web client.
        With Windows authentication all ok.
        Courious, ¿right?

  3. Carol Lawrence

    This has recently started popping up, but the headline is Microsoft Edge. I “X” it and it goes away for 24 hours after the second appearance. I’m not aware that anything has changed on the computer.
    How do I silence it for ever, or do I need to do anything? (As you can probably tell, I am somewhat technologically challenged!)


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