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CRM async service high CPU usage

There are many scenarios that can cause a high CPU utilization by the CRM asynchronous service, here are some
of the most common ones i encountered:

1. Check if the AsyncOperationBase table doesn’t have too many records in it. Once this table has millions of records – things may start working very slow. Use the following article to solve this issue and to create a proper maintenance plan to prevent this from happening:


2. Use the CRM Advanced Find to search for locked system jobs – this is a very common issue that can cause the
async service to go havoc and utilize 100% of the CPU on the server ALL THE TIME – even when there is
absolutely zero activity in the system.

If you find any locked system jobs with the advanced find – delete them and restart the async service.


3. Check the email router and the emails in the system:

Use the Advanced find to see if there are any emails stuck in sending status, if so – try deleting them and investigate why they got stuck in the first place. You should also try stopping the email router service to eliminate it as the cause and check the event log to see if there are any “suspicious” emails in the queue. Sometimes emails with special characters or some sort of corruption can cause issues with the async service (although they are not supposed to, i did encounter it).

4. RESTART! try restarting the server/asynchronous service. Sometimes restarting the system is the simplest
solution, so before you start investigating the problem and wasting hours on hours of your time – make sure you do system reboot first.

5. If none of the above helps you should try investigating further and farther.

  • Check your SQL server logs, performance & event log for any suspicious entries.
  •  Try tracing the CRM and analyze the trace file for any errors or exceptions. Use this article to enable tracing for CRM: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907490
  • Try to see if maybe a 3rd party entity is causing the problem: Antivirus, Firewall etc.

Good Luck 🙂