Step-By-Step Dynamics CRM 2015 Installation Guide

Hey everyone!

So I finally decided to create my very first video tutorial – it’s a basic & simple installation guide for Dynamics CRM 2015  on 2 servers and you can watch it on my YouTube channel

I hope you find this helpful & useful!

More stuff coming soon!

9 thoughts on “Step-By-Step Dynamics CRM 2015 Installation Guide

      1. Bob Beatty

        Exactly – it all configured and worked perfectly in Outlook. I think I was trying to make it harder than it was! lol

  1. YAz

    I am writtting a SSRS report for CRM 2015, and trying to create a connection to database.
    I could able to connect to CRM SQL server through windows authentication from developer VM. But I need to connect through SQL Server authentication using CRMadmin (used for installing CRM, SQL,also Domain Admin) credentials, which is failing now, says “Login failed for user “DOMAIN\CRMadmin”

    What should i do?
    Should i create another SQL authenticated DB USer? what all permission should be granted to so that i can use that credetials in SSRS reports going forward?!!!!

    Please help


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